Weather Forecast for Menorca

I am not sure if it is solely a British phenomina but I do like to look at the weather forecast for Menorca before I go on holiday, especially the 10 Day Forecast.

There is a Menorcan legend that the Winds of Menorca change people's personalities, whether there is any truth in the legend or not many visitors do return regularly as a result of their first visit.

Certainly the climate has a strong impact on visitors. The climate, as one would think, is Mediterranean. The average temperature in summer is 24ºC falling in winter to 11ºC. The rainfall is low with most rain falling in the autumn. Rainfall varies throughout the island and is highest in the North and the interior and lowest in the south eastern parts. Menorca has a cool north wind, known as the tramuntana, which tempers the temperature and has resulted in the unique Minorcan landscape.

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I have been on holiday in early September and suffered gales. In September 2003 there were such adverse weather conditions one evening that the ferries from Barcelona were delayed and significant damage occured in nearby Majorca. Last October we chanced the weather with a weeks break and could not have wished for better weather so late in the season. However it did rain one evening as a thunderstorm passed us by. The Menorcan season may be short but we have never had a holiday ruined by rain in all our Menorcan holidays. For devotees, like me, here is the forecast!

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