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Menorca is a walkers paradise with interesting and unusual scenery along the route. This coastal way, in the north east of the island takes upto 4 hours on average and as such is well suited to the cooler autumn and winter weather.

The starting point of sa Mesquida is only about 5 miles northeast of Mao.

Before setting off for the journey to Es Grau take a few minutes to admire the view of es Mesquida from Pa Gros, the headland to the north of Cala Mesquida which separate it from the small cove of Sa Racconada Vella.

Your route takes you north along the coastal path passed the small cove.

Es Grau

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  • The seascape along this route is one of the best features as the path is mainly along the top of the cliffs with only twodescents to sea level at Macar de Binillauti and Caleta de Binillauti.

    A couple of miles further along the coast the ground rises as you approachPunta de sa Galera. From this vantage point you can see Illots de sa Cudia and Illa de Colon. These islands guard the entrance to Es Grau cove.

    You can continue along the coastal path to Es Grau but if you prefer you can take a short cut through the unfinishedhousing development into the town.

    In the town you can find bars and restaurants or take in the beach.

    Close by is the natural park of S'Albufera which is worth a visit if time permits.

    In summer both ends of your walk are well serviced by buses to Mao but at other times you will need to consider making your own transport arrangements.

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