Vehicle Hire

Vehicle Hire notes show that driving in Menorca differs only from the UK due to driving on the right hand side of the road and the significantly lower volume of traffic than most of us regularly experience.

With the somewhat erractic bus timetables and the low frequency of services, even in major tourist areas, it is not surprising so many visitors hire a vehicle during their stay.

There are number of points you should bear in mind regarding hiringa vehicle in Menorca.

1. The normal minimum vehicle hire period is three days. If you do decide to extend your hire period ensure you get a new agreement as no valid agreemnt can invalidate your insurance

2. The number of seat belts determin how many people can travel in the vehicle, do not be tempted to overload as this too can invalidate your insurance. Remember seat belts are compulsory, back and front and childrens seats or boosters are required.

3. Carry all your documents with you at all times in the vehicle, that is the hire document, your driving licence and your passport.

4. The insurance you buy covers accident damage but not accidents caused by driver negligence. Do not be tempted to go off road in your vehicle unless it is suitable. Even if it is you are not covered for such as tyres.

5. If you have prebooked your vehicle to pick up at the airport you must resist the temptation to drink on the plane. Firstly the hire company can refuse to release the car to you if you have been drinking and driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs will invalidate your insurance.

6. If you breakdown, run out of petrol or have an accident remember safety triangles must be placed 50 meters to the front and rear of the vehicle, also orange yellow safety jacket must be worn when out of the car. Make sure you know where they are when you hire the vehicle.

7. If you do have an accident note the other car licence plate, the drivers name/address and there Passport Number or Idendity Card Number. Check the name of the other drivers insurance company and if he refuses call the Guardia Civil. If there are injuries do not move the vehicle or injured If there are no injuries and both parties agree then there is no need to call the police. If there are any witnesses take their details. If you have a standard Spanish Accident Form use this to record details and get the other driver to sign the form.

I suggest you do read these vehicle hire notes for your safety and ultimately greater enjoyment from your vehicle hire.

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