Starlings of Son Bou Menorca

Starlings of Son Bou

In October 2008 whilst on a week long late break I came virtually face to face with 1,000,000 birds. The first morning it happened I was in the lounge of our rented villa when I thought it had suddenly clouded over asthe sky darkened and an eerie noise rose to a crescendo. As dawn was just breaking Iwas uncertain what type of bird was flocking in such enormous numbers. I would be the first to admit that I am no ornithologist in fact I know very little about bird life even in the UK let aloneon the Island of Menorca.

The general consensus was that the birds were probably Starlings and subsequent sighting in the morning and at dusk reinforced our groups convictions. One evening we talked to a family who were staying in an apartment close to the reed beds and they confirmed that the birds were indeed roosting and the noise lasted all night. Once back from holiday I searched the web with only limited success. From various sources and a little bit of creativity I have pieced together the following bit of background.

I believe these were migrant birds to Menorca and their gathering and roosting on the reed beds behind the sand dunes in Son Bou is a fairly regular occurance. It certainly was for three of four days whilst we were there.
The reed beds and wetlands of Son Bou are a magnet for wildlife and birds in particular and draw naturalists and ornithologists from all over Europe and I suspect the rest of the world.

I think I should let the photos, I took at the time, do the talking for me but I would be facinated by any feedback from visitors and have included a form below the photos for your use.

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