Son Bou Bascilica

Son Bou Bascilica was not known to me the first time I visited the resort. This is not a direct critisism just a reflection on just how many intersting and fascinating historical sites there are in Menorca. Mention Son Bou to most people and they will quote the fact that it has the longest beach in Menorca. The fact that this beach is also home to the ruins of an acient Bascilica. The Son Bou Basilica is believed to be of Syrianstyle. It is rectangularin plan with three naves. The entrance is through a small central potico with doors either side. Inside thare are two rows of six rectangular pillars which separate the three naves. The excavations between 1951 and 1952 discovered that originally a series of arches spanned the space between the pillars. The excavation also discovered a number of burials which had taken place in the lateral nave.

Finally the highlight of this Bascilica is the Font. It is very large and similar to a cylindical Mill Wheel with Greek Cross with lobar arms, cast into the interior. The Bascilica is thought to date from the latter fifth century AD and it is oriented east west.

Close to the Bascilica is evidence of a Talayotic burial site in the walls of the nearby cliffs.

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