Sea Glass

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Sea Glass?

You're walking along the beach in Menorca and you spot little pieces of glass of different colors. What are they?

It is sea glass? The origin of this phenomina began with what was once bottles, jars, glassware, dinnerware, et cetera. It usually ended up in bodies of water as garbage (possibly broken so no longer useful) or possibly because of boats being grounded in storms. For home dwellers that lived close by the sea or lakes, that was as good a place as any to get rid of their refuse.

The shards from these various sources have been tumbling around in the water, sometimes for decades, before finding their way onto a given beach at a given time. Over time, nature takes what was once man's garbage and turns it into sparkling natural gems. This process is the result of wave action tumbling the shards among rocks and sand between the tide lines. Tides twice a day cycle, cover, and uncover that glass, exposing all sides to sunlight and, with the passage of time, some of the components are leached by the water around it, resulting in that frosted look that identifies genuine tumbled sea
The results delight the eyes and emotions of people of all ages, young and not so young. Many use what they've found in their craft projects and jewelry or just take it home as a keepsake from their vacations.

We have met people on the beach who've been collectors for over 30 years. There's something so alluring about walking on the shore and finding interesting examples. For many, it's closely tied up with fond memories of childhood, family visits to the beaches, solitary walks alone. For others, it's the mystery and thrill of the treasure hunt. Come join us.

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