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Rent a Villa in 2013!

Everything you need to know about Villa Holidays!

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    Why take a Villa Holiday

    Many holidaymakers these days prefer Villa Holidays rather than booking a hotel room. The advent of cheap charter flights to Spain and an increase in the supply of reasonably priced villas to rent has resulted in these types of holiday now offering a cost saving over hotel accommodation for families or friends travelling together.

    If cost is not a consideration then property rental opens up a whole new world of holiday experiences.You can relax in sumptuous cliff top villas with magnificent sea views and even a private beach. At the top of this range you may even find a private yacht thrown in!

    For families travelling on a tight budget there are highly affordable rent a villa deals many of which are located within complexes with communal facilities such as swimming pools, games rooms and shops.


    The Advantages of Renting a Villa

  • A home from home atmosphere where you can do as you like.

  • Room to relax at the end of a long enjoyable day compared to a cramped hotel bedroom.

  • Enjoy home cooking in a well equiped kitchen and save money on expensive meals out.

  • Enjoy the fun and the privacy your own pool when you rent a Villa.

  • Adults can enjoy some quiet relaxing moments together, while the kids are asleep in their own bedroom.

  • The convenience of Washing machines, dryers, irons and ironing boards in most villas.

  • Kids love renting a villa. They can play outside in the sun; they can wake up early and play and you don't have to worry about annoying other guests.

  • Cars can often be parked at the villa giving added security for you.


    Tips for finding your Perfect Villa

  • Don't be overwhelm by the term Villa it is just a holiday home, think of it as a cottage or a large mobile home if you wish.

  • Villa rentals tend to be either large luxury homes designed for multiple families or large groups or more modest in size and facilities for single families. Obviously large luxury homes can still be economical if shared between families. Whichever size you select you will have the convenience of kitchen facilities and the privacy a villa provides.
  • You can rent direct from the owner thus saving on agency fees. However agencies often provide services such as credit card payments, rather than expensive international wire-transfers; English-speaking agents and a higher level of transaction security.
  • Know what you rreally want and make sure you ask for what you want. If you have kids or pets, make sure they are allowed. If you want to spend your time in Southern Italy enjoying home-cooked meals on the veranda, then make sure the kitchen is adequate. If you want to be close to an urban center or any other specific requirements do check this out.
  • Talk to friends, relatives and work colleagues, personal experience and firsthand experience is always the best guide. You can also visit review sites and ask the rental agent if you can contact any previous clients. This is a great way to find out the real pros and cons regarding the property you are consdering renting.
  • If the villa seems too good to be true find out what are the reasons. If it is miles from the beach but you hate beaches you might have just found yourself the perfect villa!

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