Prehistoric Stone Monuments

There are many different prehistoric stone monuments in Menorca and many are unique. Amongst the most popular with visitors are Navetades, Taulas and Talayots.

A Naveta is a megalithic burial chamber, which is unique to Minorca which dates from the early Bronze Age. It has two vertical and two corbelled walls making it look like an unpturned boat, which is from where the name is derived. The Naveta des Tudons which at around 4 meters high, 14m long and 6.4m wide is the largest remaining example.
A Talayot is large tower built of dry-stone walling found in the Balearic Islands of the western Mediterranean. It is similar to the Nuraghe of Sardinia. Talayots (the local word for ‘watch-towers’) were built in a range of forms with circular, square, and stepped forms. These structures generally have a central chamber and date from the Bronze Age.( 1500–500 BC).

A Taula, which predates the Talayots, is a stone built ritual monument found on the Balearic Islands. They date back to the early Bronze Age and are made from two carefully fashioned stone slabs with one balanced on top of the other. The T-shaped structures were sometimes fixed together with a mortise and tenon joint. The largest taula is at Trepuco and measures 4 meters in height.

Taula d´en Torralba d´en Salord (Alaior)

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