Points of Interest and Using GPS on Menorca

Points of Interest are an essential element if you own a GPS device such as a Sat Nav or i-phone to easily get to new places, especially when on holiday in a new location. In fact more and more travellers are taking their devices with them on holiday

Most users seem to agree that preloaded POIs (Points of Interest) are not very comprehensive. They tend not to be relevant to an individuals needs.

We at MenorcaMinorca have produced, in conjunction with POIfriend, points of interest information which can be used with your GPS or maps.

To see our information on the points of interest locations of the Prehistoric Sites on the island just click here.

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if you want to know more about POIFriend read on. It is 100% FREE for users and detailed personal information is not required. POIfriend.com was launched in October 2007 by an ambitious team to put GPS users’ needs first.

POIfriend provides Point of Interest information which can be used with or without a GPS device!

You will be able to enjoy the many benefits of viewing POIs on a map and quickly obtain driving directions for a selected POI from the accompanying Map.

Naveta des Tudons

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  • How do you transfer
    Points of Interest
    information to
    your GPS device?

    Look for the 'Download for my GPS' button in the upper right hand corner. There you will be able to choose the most appropriate format to download depending on your specific GPS-enabled device and/or needs.

    You are also able to choose a zip file that contains an optimized version of the 'icon' suitable for Garmin, TomTom, etc devices. Those selections with a "(direct)" beside it will provide a step-by-step and more 'automated' approach to moving the data to your device.

    If you have a GARMIN, follow this link for information and the free tool to load Points of Interest: http://www.garmin.com/products/poiloader/ (use Garmin's POI Loader software for more control and flexibility in installing the POIs from POIfriend) Choose 'Garmin (direct)' for automated loading to your device using their communicator software. We recommend this for POI Groups with a small number of POIs. For POI Groups with a large number of POIs - we recommend POI Loader.

    If you have a TOMTOM, follow this link for instructions on loading POIs: For easy manual install go to our own forum topic: http://poifriend.com/forum/251/ You can also use our 'Tom Tom (direct)' feature which utilizes the TomTom Home software ( http://www.tomtom.com/home) to easily move POIs over to your GPS device.

    If you have a PIONEER AVIC-Fxxx series model, you will need the AVIC Feeds software found here: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Products/Navigation/
    Downloads/Download+AVIC+FEEDS (1. use the zip file option to download both the KML data file and jpeg POI icon -- 2. unzip and use AVIC Feeds to import the KML and icon image -- 3. AVIC Feeds will format the data so it can be accessed by the navigation unit and saves onto an SD/USB memory device -- 4. plug the SD/USB in to the navigation unit to use your custom POIs). The AVIC-Fxxx series allows up to 1000 POIs in each file, so larger POI files will be limited to the 1000 closest to your current designated POIfriend location.

    If you have a MIO, follow this link to obtain the software required for transfer: http://eu.mio.com/support/Downloads/POILoader.exe

    If you have a NAVMAN, visit technical support and search for 'POI Editor' to access instructions on importing POIs: http://www.navman.com

    If you have a MAGELLAN, visit support and search for 'POI Editor' to access instructions on importing POIs. You will find instructions in the pdf manuals for the unit you are using. http://www.magellangps.com

    If you would like to view your file in GOOGLE EARTH, simply double click on the file you downloaded (assuming you have Google Earth already installed). Alternately you can go to File… Open … menu options if Google Earth is already open.

    For other formats and options, you can find plenty of other resources on the web.

    It is important to note that ALL ADDRESS DETAILS on the website may NOT transfer over to your GPS device since many units only require or accept a description, latitude and longitude. Therefore the data is not "missing" (it is just more detailed on POIfriend.com). We have kept it as flexible, simple and compatible as possible for numerous GPS devices - while planning for increased functionality and options for the future.

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