Placa des Born

Placa des Born, Ciutadella

Its name means Parade Ground which cannot even come close to describing one of Spain's finest squares.

Open air Cafes and elegant buildings adorn this square which began life as a venue for jousting contests.

The horse connection remains to this day as the square is used every year foran equestrian parade as part of the annual festival each June.

In a tradition dating back to the 14th century horse riders of Menorca converge on Ciutadella for the Feast of Saint John 21st to 24th June. Huge crowds cheer on these equestrian masters as they trot, gallop and rear their horses through this square.

Riders uphold the equestrian traditions, with a packed programme of shield jousting and horse acrobatics. In the spirit of the contest, each skill must be perfectly executed. It is more than just an honour to be a Caixer and amateurism is not accepted.


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In the center of the square stands an obelisk to the memory of the citizens of Ciutadella killed or taken into slavery during the Turkish Raid in 1558 which left much of the city in ruins.

Close to the square is the Theatre with ajoining Cercle Artistic coffee house,dating from the 19th century, which has facinating views over Ciutadella Harbour.

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