Pirates and their Legacy

Menorca has been a strategic point for refugees, pirates and leaders staging attacks on other countries. It has been under the rule of many diverse civilizations including the Romans, the Moors, Britain, Spain, and even no official rule at all in its earliest days.

The many coves and beaches provided shelter and a home for Pirates and evidence of piracy can be found in the waters surrounding the island. Most people stick to visiting historic site on land.

However the inceasing popularity of Sub Aqua facilities and activities means divers have the ability to visit these remains from Menorca's past.

This type of exploration is not for everyone but the development of digital cameras which are underwater cameras means that divers are increasingly taking photos of the wildlife that exists there.


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  • Underwater photography can be great fun and produce interesting results. Many digital cameras today are underwater cameras. More and more pictures are popping up all over the internet from underwater sources. This is because of the availability of taking cameras underwater and taking pictures of everything there.

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    The problem with underwater photography is that the people think that they can take a camera, go under the sea and start taking pictures. The key is knowing how and where to take pictures.

    Many such photos turn out to be of poor quality and almost impossible to view. Sunlight works differently in this environment and many photos are just a white blur because of the sun's rays being in front of the camera.

    There are many different types of wildlife underwater including the living and moving ones such as fish and sharks, and the non-moving ones such as coral. This type of photography has become a huge sport because of the different kinds of things that one finds to photograph here.

    Menorca provides an ideal learning environment as the waters are crystal clear and rival the clarity of the waters of the Carribean.

    Leave the Pirates!