Saving Mobile Phone Costs in Menorca

4 Easy Ways to Cut the cost of your Mobile Phone whilst on holiday

Assuming that leaving your mobile at home is not an option in this day and age what steps can we take to keeps cost to a minimum. despite the expectation of lower roaming charges there is still a need to be aware of a few basic steps we can all take to stop a holiday being ruined by the post holiday mobile bill.

  1. Tell your friends and colleagues to Text you rather than telephone.

    While it is generally free to receive a text you usually pay to receive a call on your mobile whilst abroad.

  2. Use your mobile as a Pager.

    There are many cheaper ways to return a call than your Mobile . We will look at this aspect shortly. Just tell people to use the mobile to alert you of the fact they want to talk, but cannot text you.

  3. Switch off your voicemail

    Contact your network before you go to arrange to switch off the voicemail. Most networks charge the overseas rate for receiving the call (up to £1 a minute). Also these rates apply to retrieving the message whilst still abroad!

    If switching off your voicemail is just not an option change your voicemail message, keeping it short and ask others to leave short messages only when it is essential.

  4. Use the correct overseas network.

    When using your mobile abroad there are often a number of different networks to which you can connect. Your mobile usually does this automatically based on signal strength. Vodafone sometimes charges different amounts for different networks depending on commercial ties. Other networks do this too so take care to check this with your service provider before you leave.

Cutting the cost of making calls whilst abroad

It is often felt that the best option is to purchase a Sim card in the country you visit. Do not forget that this method results in all calls to your phone being charged to the caller at overseas rates.

As most of us are not technologically inclined I believe the best solution is a simple approach and suggest the following methods are straight forward to use

  • Jajah This system allows you to make a call anywhere; on your mobile or landline. Jajah states it can save you up to 98% on your international phone calls. It connects you using your existing system so there is no contract, no software, no headset and is to use! [more]

  • Leave phone info