Naveta des Tudons

Naveta are unique to Menorca and are the most visited prehistoric monuements on the Island.

This prehistoric monument is near to Ciutadella close to Kms 40 on the road between MaĆ³ and Ciutadella. It has two vertical and two corbelled walls making it look like an unpturned boat, which is from where the name is derived. At around 4 meters high, 14m long and 6.4m wide this is the largest remaining example of this type of prehistoric monument.

This funeral monument dates from the late Bronze Age. Built from huge stone blocks it does resemble an upturned boat. Continuing with the boat simile the stern is where one finds find a low doorway which opens into a square hall. Along with the bodies of the dead were left offerings such as bronze or china figures.

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The monument

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    If you want to see this prehistoric site there is an extensive bus network available to you with frequent services between the main centers. The rural areas have more intermittent services as do the smaller towns. Destinations are shown on the front of the bus but you should always check the timetables, especially the last bus back in the Menorca daily paper.


    You can also us Taxis to access Prehistoric Sites. Taxi ranks are marked with a the letter T on a blue square. Out on the road Taxis with an illuminated gree light on the top can be flagged down. Taxi fares are reasonable within their local areas but become expensive on long out of area runs.

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