The National Police and the Guardia Civil

In Menorca you will see two very different police forces, the National Police and the ones dressed in Green are the Guardia Civil. The Guardia Civil generally operate outside of towns but can be called in to a disturbance or an accident. In the summer their numbers swell to cope with the many tourists who visit Menorca. These reinforcements comemostly from large mainland towns for a 1-3 month detachment. It is adviseable to treat them with the upmost respect.You are most likely to become aware of these officers if you hire a vehicle. They always travel in pairs on motor bikes or in Guardia Civil vehicles. They usually park inconspicuously in side roads, at roundabout or by main roads. They operate spot fines for offences such as not wearing seat belts, speeding or crossing white lines. If it is an offence in the UK it normally is here in Menorca.

The Guardia Civil are extremely "hot" on drinking and driving and will not hesitate to breathalyse you on the spot if they believe you have been drinking.

The boys in blue control the towns which includes parking, traffic flow and traffic control. They issue parking ticket but willonly become involved in motoring matters in the case of traffic accidents and other major motoring offencesThey are much more relaxed and are sometimes seen smoking whilst directing traffic.

Their other role is to police building works including noise levels and to check building permits.

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