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Nudism in Menorca

Firstly you need to be aware that there are no official nudist beaches in Menorca however the practice of nudism appears widely accepted on Menorcan beaches as it is on most Spanish beaches. Obviously most individuals respect other individuals near to them. However even popular and busy playas tend to have an area where nudity is practiced. On secluded stretches of the coast it is even more common.

According to the Balearic Naturist Association

Naturism in the Baearic Isles can be said to be in good health. A contributary factor to this success of course is the warm mediterranean climate with its high temperatures, even on sunny winter days. Also its long coastline with its almost infinate bays and coves which make possible the practice of naturism almost all year round in totally natural surrounding.

The presence of tourists in ever increasing numbers over the years has also greatly contributed to a normalisation of the presence of nudism along our nudist coasts. This has led to the overcoming of the initial rejection and an inbuilt reluctance from the textiles community.

This is our translation of the Balearic Naturist Association (ANB) web site home page. Click here to see the original in Spanish. Our Spanish is very basic so we apolopise for any inaccuracies in this translation.

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It is best to be aware of the situation and the following list of playas where nudists are reported to congregate is included to help you plan your itinery. If you would like to see some rather good photos from a number of the beaches used by nudists use this link to Jaime Serrano pbase pages.

The following is some more beach info about playas which are mentioned in the Balearic Naturist Association (ANB) web site

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