Monthly Weather

The monthly weather can be variable but generally the Menorcan climate is the wettest and the coolest of the Balearic islands. The Island is further north and further out to sea than the other Balearic Islands.

The average temperature in summer is 24ºC and it winter it falls to 11ºC.

The average annual rainfall varies between 450 mms in the south eastern region and 650 mms in the central and the north eastern regions. Rainfall distribution varies each year but the maximum rainfall normally occurs in the autumn.

Monthly Weather

January is characterised by rainy weather with an average rainfall of 64mm. Sunshine is therefore limited and averages only 3.5 hours. Temperatures range from 8°C at night to 14°C in the day. However the recorded maximum temperature is 22°C but the minimum has been as low as -2°C

February sees less rainfall with the average down to 49mm and a consequent rise in sunshine to 4.5 hours temperatures remain in the range from 8°C at night to 14°C in the day.

March comes in with a general feeling of increasing warmth and improving monthly weather. Rainfall continues around 49mm but the sun now shines for 6 hours daily. Temperatures rise steadily with averages 8°C at night to 16°C in the day

April is the begining of the tourist season with temperatures rising to 8°C at night 18°C by day due to the sun shining at this time of year for 6 hours on average. The record temperature for April is a staggering 26°C. Rainfall is reduced and only falls now on about 6 days.

May brings the temperature up to a respectable 21°C and lows 0f 13°C. Rainfall is still about 6 days but the sun shines for an average of 7 hours a day.

June is the begining of high season and with it comes high average temperature and little or no rain. Low tempertures rise to 17°C and the average high temperature is 25°C.

July is the month which rarely sees rain. Temperatures rise to 20°C at night 28°C by day. Hours of sunshine reach 11 in the summer.

August continues to be hot sunny and predominately dry. Rainfall does progressively rise but temperatures peak around 21°C at night and 28°C by day.

September comes in warm and sunny but as the month progresses temperature lower around 18°C at night and 26°C by day. There is still plenty of sunshine with an average of 7 hours but the monthly weather is turning.

October marks the end of the season with temperature lower around 15°C at night and 22°C by day. Rainfall increases significantly and october is Menorcs's wettest month with 105mm of rainfall. Although there is still an average of 7 hours of sunshine there are on average 9 days of rain.

November the rainfall decreases but the hours of sunshine fall to just 4. Temperatures fall steadily with averages 11°C at night to 18°C in the day.

December the 3 hours of daily sunshine see temperature falling again. Averages 8°C at night to 15°C in the day. Although rainfall is not high it remains at an average of 82mm.

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