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Cala de Sant Llorenç

Cala Sant Llorenç is 8Kms from Alaior on Menorca's southern coast.The beach is situated between the headlandsof Sant Llorenç and sa Sarola and is small with course grained sand and gravel as stated in the Menorcan Beach Guide.

This stretch of the coast has high cliffs which run from Cala Llucalcari to Cala Sant Llorenç and on a further mile or so to Cala en Porter.

Accessibility by car is said to be possible according to the Menorcan Beach Guide but I have not visited this beach personally. The approach on foot is hard going due to the numerous canyons in this area and I understand this quite beach is more frequently visited by boat


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Cala en Porter

Another of my favourites but for a completely different reasons. The beach is down a steep road or a series of steps which is fine when going to the beach but rather daunting when the time arrives to leave the beach to return to your accommodation.However the geography of the resort makes the beach extremely sheltered from northerly winds. There is ample free parking so acces is very easy if you have a car and in season the beach is well served by public transport, according to the Menorcan Beach Guide including the road train muched loved by children of all ages!


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Cala Llucalari

Cala Llucalcari is a small beach about 8Kms south of Alaior which nestles between Cap de ses Penyes and Cova de sa Calc.

This beach is made up of sans and gravel and the sroounding cliffs are high and steep. To the rear of the beach is a wetland and on the eastern side of the beach grows lush vegitation and Bushes watered from the wetlands area.

The southern area of Menorca is cut by about forty canyons, some of them irrigated by torrents, with a contrasting landscape, as well as a rich flora and fauna. The summits are dry because of their sunny exposition, whereas the sides are dark and wet because they are more protected.

Access by car is limited to parking at Son Bou and then walking the Kilometer or so to Cala Llucalcari, as described in the Menorcan Beach Guide. This explainswhy the beach is never very crowded by tourists nor by locals.


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Cales Coves

This is not really a beach it is more of a tourist attraction witha facinating collection of caves, some of which are inhabited. Access tothe small sand and pebbled beach area is down an unmade road. On our visit we left the car at the end of the blacktop road and walked to the coves. We were passed by a number of vehicles, not all suited to the rough track and indeed their was room to park virtually at the water edge. The reason this is more of a touristattraction is that the caves were burial caves. There are about 100 caves around Cales Covesmany of which have been carved into the cliffs. Some you can reach some are inaccessible. If you have the time and energy check out Cales Coves smaller second bay by clambering over the rock head, then go for a dip in the bay's other fork.Nudist use the rocky shelves and cave entrances and swim in the watersof the coves.

There are no facilities at all at the Cove so come prepared if you plan to stay very long.


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Son Bou

My first holiday in Menorca was at Son Bou, perhaps that is why this beach is one of my favourite beaches. However I like to think that my feelings are more analytical. The beach at Son Bou is golden sand which goes on for over a mile. All the way to San Thomas in fact.

The beach is well served with good facilities at the eastern end although the further west you go the less developed it becomes. In this area nudists congregate on this unofficial beach.

In the east the beach is backed by Son Bou itself and a vast car park. This combination makes the eastern end of the beach very crowded especially at the weekend when tourists are joined by locals all seeking a place to settle on the foreshore.


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