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Menorca is one of the most popular Balearic Islands and Menorca Museums are a popular visit for British holiday makers. Menorca belongs to Spain and is situated in the Mediterranean Sea, along with nearby Majorca. The warm climate in the Balearics guarantees hot, sunny summers which are perfect for lazing on the beach or relaxing by the pool. However, if you are looking to soak up a little bit of culture on your holidays, Menorca has plenty of museums so you can explore the rich history of this popular island.

Also known as Mahón, Maó is one of the two major cities in Menorca. It is here that you will find the Menorca Museum, the largest museum on the island. An ideal place to take the family for an educational day trip, the Menorca Museum documents the island`s long and rich history, from the Byzantine and Roman periods to the twentieth century. With its broad range of permanent and temporary exhibitions, the Menorca Museum is not to be missed!

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  • The city of Maó also plays host to the Ateneo de la Ciencia, la Literatura y de las Artes (Scientific, Literary and Artistic Athenaeum), which tells the stories of Menorca`s greatest artists, painters and literary figures, as well as showcasing some incredible contemporary work by natives of the island. For those who want to learn as much as possible about Menorcan culture, the Hernández Sanz - Hernández Mora Museum in Mao is not to be missed. This museum exhibits the collections of Menorcan historian Francisco Hernández Sanz and his son Joan Hernández Mora, who both contributed large sums of money to the documentation and preservation of Menorcan culture and tradition. This permanent exhibition features a huge selection of artefacts from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century and is definitely worth a visit if you are travelling to Menorca.

    Military history enthusiasts should be sure not to miss the Museo Militar in the town of Es Castell, a short drive from the city of Maó. The museum makes use of the former Cala Corb barracks and has a fascinating permanent exhibition showing war memorabilia, guns and flags from throughout Menorca`s long and eventful military history. Those who take a real interest can also visit Fort Marlborough, built by the British during and in the period following the War of Spanish Succession, which took place between 1701 and 1714.

    Whilst much of Menorca benefits from a good public transport network, you may find that you have more freedom to explore the island and its stunning coastline if you have access to a car. There are a number of companies offering affordable vehicle rental, so make sure you compare car hire well in advance of your trip to help you get the best deal.

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