Menorca Biosphere Reserve

The Menorca Biosphere Reserve was created in 1993 as a result of the Island status as a Natural Park. Sixteen years ago this was a bold step but one which has been instrumental in the Island managing its development as a major holiday destination without secumming to the worst excesses of mass tourism. The Island is unique in that although small its varied landscape offers the diversity of habitats that virtually represents the whole of the Mediterranean region in miniture.

Albufera es Grau

The scheme encompasses gullies, caves and wetlands together with a dunes system, coastal areas and small islands. Menorca is home to 220 species of birds and a 1000 species of plants. The wetlands provide nesting sites for aquatic birds and birds of prey who nest water sources. These wetlands comprising ponds lagoons and marshes and their associated dunes systems are spread throughout the Island from Albufera de

Es Grau in the east to Son Bou on the south coast and from Puerto Addaia, near Fornells in the North to L'arenal de Son Saura in the south west corner of Menorca near to Cala en Bosch.

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    The Menorcan landscape is criss crossed by gullies winding their way towards the coastal areas offering an ideal habitat for a diverse variety of flora and fauna as well as some breathtaking scenery.

    The rocky coastline of Minorca is biologicaly important as it is home to a rich in species exclusive to the Island. The coastline also contains underwater caves where animals not known elsewhere in the region have made their home. Caves are not exclusive to the coast with many inland caves having their own unique species.

    In the open Menorcan countryside non agricultural vegetation compriseing groves and woods made up of f Oaks, Pines and wild olive trees completes this unique variety of Mediteranean environments in a compact and picturesque .

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