Mahon Airport Menorca

Over the last few years we have watched Mahon Airport grow and improve. Today it is a modern, two-tiered building which is capable of bringing in thousands of visitors daily from all over Europe and some non European destinations. Menorca in 2011 is such a popular holiday destination, the airport is a real hotspot during the summer season.

However the Airport still retains an individual charm I have never experienced elsewhere! Last October whilst on a visit with friends they were returning on a late morning flight and we on a late afternoon flight. We decided that the three hours difference was not enough time to gainfully visit any of the attractions and that we would wait at the Airport for our flight.

Our friends departed and we went to the nearest cafe. The airport quickly emptied and staff, police and customs departed.

After a short period of time the Airport was virtually deserted. Menorca Airport was having a "siesta". No announcements, no arrivals and no departures spoilt the silence. Once more Menorca special charm had again captivated me.

(PS Yes it eventually awoke and we departed on time back to the hastle of a UK airport!)


Menorca Aerodrome was established at the time of the Spanish Civil War by the island's military forces. The Aerodrome, known as San Luis Airport had a very substantial runway measuring around 900 metres / 2,950 feet. In the early 1940s the airport had established a regular link to nearby Mallorca and was opened to civilian flights in 1949.

As air transport developed in the early 1960s, the runway was lengthened and in 1965 the airport was officially renamed Mahon Airport (MAH). With the advent of charter flights the airport quickly outgrew itself. In 1969, Menorca opened its new airport nearby and took the name with it to the new facility The old aerodrome reverted to its original name San Luis Airport.

In the early 1970s passenger numbers had increased to more than 300,000 passengers per year. The Terminal was just not big enough and the first major rebuild was undertaken.

In 1986 the Airport exceed one million passengers per year and a seccond terminal was begun. With passenger levels doubling in less than ten years Mahon Airport has developed modern check-in decks and baggage reclaim areas.


Today there is a good selection of shops within the Airport for passengers who wish to pass their time shopping. Popular outlets include Aldeasa Travel Value, the Luxor jewellers, the Pas d'en Quint gift shop, and the Sweet Market which sells a range of confectionary.

The airport has two ATMs in the terminal building, as well as a bureau de change facility.

There are a number of caf├ęs to choose from for refreshments including Cafeteria Medas in the lobby of arrivals. In Domestic Departures you will find the Natural Break bar and in International Departures is the Cafeteria Solarium on the second floor two of is complete with outdoor terrace for those within to enjoy a spot of Mediterranean sunshine.

Smoking Area

Smokers are also catered for with two smoking areas in departures complete with comfortable seating and ashtrays.

(October 2010)

Mahon Airport is your gateway now enjoy the Island of Menorca