Gobierno Militar (The Military Governor's House, Mahon)

The Military Governor's House is located at Carrer Isabel II and is regarded in as one of the most impressive buildings Mahon. This imposing fortress like building was erected in the middle of the 18th century. Even today it is still worth visiting even though it can only be viewed from the outside, as it is still in use by the Army to this day.

Church of Santa María

The Church of Santa Maria is more commomly referred to amongst the locals as the Esglesia de Santa María la Major. This place of worship was founded in the year 1287 by the Christian conqueror King Alfonso III. Throughout the passage of time, the authentic Gothic origins of the church has suffered from many changes. It was last restored in 1772. Within its precincts is housed a unique and much treasured Church Organ. It has four keyboards and more than 3,000 pipes, constructed in 1810 a Swiss artisan called Johan Kyburz. Admiral Collingwood brought the said organ to Mahón during the Napoleonic wars. To this day a music festival is held every year, in the months of July and August, aimed to put on show the wonderful sound of the organ.

Plaza Espana

The Plaza España is renowned for its breathtaking views of the bay and harbour. Accessed is via a winding flight of steps from the pier. During the mornings the plaza is host to a general market and fish market.

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