Luggage Allowances

Luggage is now a major holiday nightmare. On a recent trip to Menorca I fell foul of the ever changing and increasingly expensive excess baggage rules!

If you are as confused as I was and want to avoid a dash around the airport to short out the paperwork and make your payment read on.

The new and changing rules on baggage are currently estimated to result in 20% of holidaymakers being effectively fined at the airport.

As a rule no-frills airlines charge for each bag you check in. Ryanair is the most expensive at recentley increased its baggage charges by 33% for the summer months. The following can help you avoid excessive charges.

photo by Jorge.invicta
  • Plan Ahead.
    What are you actually going to do on holiday? If its going to be a beach holiday ditch the walking shoes and stout trousers!

  • Before you Book
    Check Which Airline Best Suites Your Plans. Airline policy varies from carrier to carrier. Shop around and calculate carefully the headline price of a ticket plus baggage rules can significantly affect the price you have to pay. Also check if you can combine the allowance and if children get their own allowance.

  • If You Plan an Activity Holiday
    Look to see if you can hire equipment at your destination, it might be cheaper to hire than to pay higher baggage allowances.

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  • Check the Weight of Your Case
    No not when it is packed, weigh it empty first. Different styles of case have widely varying weights. Generally rigid cases weigh a lot more than soft cases. Buying new lighter cases can save your money in the long run. If all else fails pack a rucksack rather than a suitcase.

  • Invest In Travel Scales
    For about £10 you can know the weight of your luggage before you check-in. Don't leave the scales at home as I did recently and have a nasty shock checking in for the return flight.

  • Check the weather Conditions Before You Start Packing.
    Use the following link to check the Weather for Menorca, or wherever you are travelling,and be sensible about what you take.

  • Think About What you are Taking
    If it is available at your destination why carry it there. Suntan Creme may be more expensive in resort but but not as expensive as excess luggage charges! The same goes for other lotions and potions. If you must have your favourite lotion take a small bottle or decant enough into a small plastic bottle.

  • Do not Travel Light!
    This is not a contracdiction it is an essential. You do not need to travel in your beach clothing you need to wear the heavy clothes you are taking for the cool evenings or that extra jumper you want to pack.

  • The Golden Rule
    When you have finished packing be ruthless and unpack six items. Think whether you really need several swimsuites and a different outfit for every evening of your holiday. Remember this will leave space and weight so you can buy that special something whilst you are away!

  • Leave luggage, but not unattened!!!