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When I started to learn spanish at school I struggled. I had already failed to learn french.

Yes I can still remember my Language Master's scoldings to this day. From time to time over the years I tried on several occasions but always with disasterous results.

About five years ago I discovered Michel Thomas through a free offer from a national newspaper of his Eight Part Learn Spanish Course. I collected the tokens and received my course.

It really was a revelation. Firstly I was told that failure to learn was the fault of the teacher not the pupil and secondly that I was not going to be told to memorise this or that or have to pour over textbooks and the conjugation of verbs

Michel Thomas shows you how to develop within simple, elegant structures that echo the way the language is spoken. He guides you through carefully planned sets of exercises, that build up your understanding of the language almost without you realising it you begin to absorb the structures effortlessly and apply them natuarally from the start.

Michel Thomas was head of the Michel Thomas language centers and taught French, Spanish, German and Italian languages for over fifty years, primarily in New York, Beverly Hills and London. He was a graduate of the department of Philology at the University of Bordeaux, France, and studied pyschology at the Sorbonne and at the University of Viena

Michel Thomas died of heart failure at his home in New York City on Saturday 8th January 2005. He was 90 years old. However his courses live on and his web site is full of interesting and informative information. If you really want to learn effortlessly you should visit the following link.

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