Illa del Aire

The uninhabited island of Illa del Aire is a wildlife paradise.

Photo by Oscar garcia febrero

Lizards, usually referred to as geckos are actually called Sargantanes in Catalan. The whole island has more than thirty species of Sargantanes. The most most unusual species is found only on this small isle. The island is home to a very large population of the endemic Black lizard (Podarcis Li lfordi). You do not have to search for these creatures as they will approach

you in large groups seeking crumbs that may fall from your sandwiches.

Isla del Aire is just off the south eastern tip of Menorca close to the resort of Punta Prima. This small limestone island is popular with watersports enthusiasts. It has some of Menorca's most renouned dive sites .

Marine life is abundant most of the year round with the summer and early autumn months being the best seasons for water temperature, clarity and marine life.

The island is also a haven for seagulls ranging from the more common Larus Cachinans to the endagered Larus Audouinii.

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