Mahon from the Water

Mahon from the Water

To explore Menorca from the sea is a unique experience and will give you access to places of incomparable beauty and inaccessible beaches.

For those of a more relaxed nature there are numerous boat trips available such asthe Catamaran trip around the harbour of MaĆ³.

Whilst in Mahon

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  • Menorca from the Water

    These trips will show you the sights from the small islands of Isla Pinto, Isla del Rei, Isla Plana and Isla del Llatzeret to the forts of Isabel II and Sant Felip and the town of Es Castell.

    These type of trips last about an hour and in season the craft depart about every 45 minutes.

    Similar boat trips can be taken in Cuitadellaat the western end of the island and both harbours also offer longer boat trips from half a day to a whole day at sea. These trips can be on sailing boats or motor boats and for the skilled sailors there is the opportunity to hire a boat and sail yourself.