Fort Marlborough

Worth a Visit

Fort Marlborough is situated on the southern shore at the mouth of Mahon Harbour close to the cove of Sant Esteve.

Construction began immediately following the British victory in 1710 and even before the Treaty of Utrecht was signed.

This treaty which confirmed the British naval bases in Gibraltar as well as Menorca giving Britain complete control of the Mediterranean.

The construction took 16 years to complete and was considered a model of modern engineering when it was built. Its semi-submerged construction, with entry only by tunnel, ment it was well concealed and blended into the surrounding countryside.

It is named after Sir John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, an outstanding British General of the time. The decendants of his French enemies still remember him as 'Mambru' in a popular children's songs.

This attraction is well worth a visit.

Fort Interior

The tour takes about 45 minutes and gives an insight into civil and military life in 18th Century Menorca. Modern technology has been introduced to provide visual depictions of the Spanish and French Seiges it has endured.

Opening Times

May to October Tuesday to Saturday 10.00am to 13.00 and 17.00 to 20.00, Sunday 10.00 to 13.00. Closed Monday.

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