Excursions are one of the beauties of this small island. After all you can visit almost anywhere for a half day out. The following suggested trips can add to any holiday experience


The first time we visited Menorca we stayed in Son Bou and took the bus via Alaior into Maó (Mahón). The journey was interesting and only took just over half an hour. The next visit was when we drove into the City. However you arrive, you are likely to enter via the Bus Station which is adjacent to large car park in the Plaza de Esplanada.

Maó is very compact and a visit is best uundertaken on foot. Take time to explore the intricate lanes and passageways of Maó. Browse through the facinating shops and take a break at any one of the lively cafés to have a taste a cool Menorcan drink. Enjoy the picturesque mix of British colonial and old Spanish architechture, together with the medieval city walls and churches. If as we suggest your walk takes you to the port area you should plan a visit to the renowned Xoriguer Gin Distillery. Free samples of gin are the main attraction, so do not miss the opportunity!

Finally if time permits you should not miss the Aquarium in the port area of Mahon, close to the Gin Distillery.


Alaior, a mature market town some 12 kilometers from Mahon. This town is an interesting place to check out since it has long been the hub of the Island’s dairy industry. The town of Alajor is home to two major cheese companies: La Payesa (open Mon - Fri 9am - 1pm and 4pm - 7pm) and Coinga (Mon - Fri 9am - 1pm and 5pm - 8pm). The cheese in Menorca is famous for its taste and quality. Queso Mahon is a richly textured white cheese made with pasteurized cow’s and ewe’s milk. Whist in the factory premises you will have the opportunity to sample free samples of the best tasting cheese!

Whilst in the town travel around the web of streets and whitewashed houses in the medieval town center, and a further kilometer walktakes you to the magnificent Parish Church of Santa Eulalia.


A very different half day excursion can be taken to Ciutadella on the west coast. Along the way you can detour to one of the numerous beaches where the turquoise coloured waters invite you to swim or snorkel in your own little paradise. For the more energetic junior members of the groupLos Delfines Aqua Park is close to Ciutadella. Othersin the group may choose the more traditional type of visit to the City itself. The City dates back to Roman times and is the former capital. A very busy City with over 40% of the Menorcan population living close by it is a thriving shopping center and living museum.


For another half day excursion head for Fornells on the north side of the Island. meander around its beautiful streets and do not forget to taste the famous Lobster Stew (Caldereta de Langosta) of the town as well! Fornells is a beautiful harbour but for beach lovers there are number of enchanting beaches within about five kilometers of Fornells. After all this is Menorca and you can never find yourself far from a beautiful beach.

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