El Toro

El Toro

El Toro, or Monte Toro as it is often called, is the highest point on Menorca at some 357 Meters (1,170 feet). As mountains go it is a non starter but it is not its great height that is special, it is the view of Menorca which is spectacular. North, South, East and West the whole island unfolds before your eye, weather permitting and it generally does in Menorca.

If you are particularly fortunate you will even be able to see the Tramontana mountain range in the north of Majorca.However it is not just the view which makes this mountain special! Firstly tradition tells that a group of monks,guided by a bull, came to the summit and saw a vision of The Virgin Mary. Toro in both Spanish and Catalan means bull and hence the Sanctuary of Our Lady crowns the top of the mountain. Within the Sanctuary, in one of the small chapels are some archeological remains which relate to this legend.

It would appear to be every Menorcan girls' dream to be married in the 17th Century renaissance church and every year many girls fulfil their dream. The church is simply adorned witha plainwhite dome and tapastries on the wall.

El Toro Monument

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  • The centerpiece of the church is the statue to the Virgin Mary with the legendary bull at her feet. This is the focus of pilrimages and Mass issaid every Sunday at 11.00.

    Whatever the truth of the legend this is a moving and intriguing place to visit on this unusual and fascinating Island.