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EHIC and Medical Treatment on holiday

Do you have a European Health Insurance Card? None of us like to think that we are going to become ill or have an accident whilst on holidaybut sadly it can happen! Find out all about the scheme by reading the following.

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Since June 2004, the "Health Card" has been in use to access medical resourses for EU residents when travelling outside of their country of residence.

EU citizens travelling within the European Economic Area, (i.e. the European Unionplus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, for private or professional reasons are entitled to a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card simplifies the procedure when you need to receivemedical assistance during your stay in a member state.

Thus if medical care is provided free of charge in the member state, as is the case in the UK, the EU citizen will be entitled to free medical care on presentation of the card.

Having the card with you is essential for, on the spot reimbursement of the medical costs. If this is not possible reimbursement can be madesoon after your return home.

The card, which must be presented as soon as practical. However it must beremembered that it does not cover treatments in private hospitals or clinics.

The Card

The only personal information on the EHIC is your surname and first name, a personal identification number and your date of birth. The European health insurance card does not contain medical data.

The duration of validity of the card varies but this will be explained when making an application.

The European Health Insurance Card replaces the following forms which ceased to be validat the end of 2005:

* E111 and E111B used by tourists * E110 used by international road transporters * E128 used by students and people working in a Member State other than their own * E119 used by people registered as unemployed and seeking work in another Member State

Claims by Non-Residents in Spain

Doctors and Dentists:

Present the EHIC card immediately and establish that this is not a private physician. There is no refund system for private treatment, unless you have a valid private insurance policy.


This is not usually covered by the health service and fees will not normally be refunded.


State pensioners are eligible for free prescriptions. All other cases must pay up to 40 percent of the total cost.

Hospital Treatment:

Present the EHIC as soon as treatment begins.You must establish that the hospital is not private otherwise the patient is liable for the whole cost unless you have a valid private insurance policy.

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