Bus Services on Menorca


Single-decker bus services run between Mahon and Ciutadella and are easy to identify with their bright red colour. The buses also run to most of the other significant destinations on the island and fares are relatively cheap. Passengers can either pay the driver on boarding the vehicle or purchase prepaid tickets/travel cards.

Do not expect bus travel to be fast . However you can reach many destinations direct from Maó. Do be aware that services can be infrequent and slow. You can pay with a travel card, pre-loaded with 10 or 40 trips. There are various bus zones and to be able to travel anywhere you need to pay €23.40 for a 10-trip card.There are three bus companies on Menorca and all run buses from the central bus station in Mahon to different parts of the island. The bus station is located just off Calle de Vassallo near the Placa de Esplanada.

TMSA buses operate from the bus station by Plaça de s’Esplanada. There are six services to Ciutadella (€4.15, one hour) via Alaior (€1.30), Es Mercadal (€2.10) and Ferreries (€2.75). The company also operates regular services to the south-coast beaches, including Platja de Punta Prima (€1.20). A handful of bus services run to Santa Galdana (€3.40, one hour). Two to five Autos Fornells services run each day to/from Fornells (€2.55, one hour).

Torres Alles Autocares operates the Aerobus which runs two circular routes around Mahon which start and finish at the bus station. They also have a beach bus service from Placa Colon in Ciutadella to various resorts around the island.Autos Fornells based in Fornells, operates services in the north east of the island. More information and timetables are available in Spanish on the Autos Fornells website.

Most of the Western beach towns are served by buses leaving from the main Plaza in Ciutadella. Other buses leave from Ferreries and Alaior. The main bus route which serves Mao, Alaior, Es Mercadal, Ferreries and Ciutadella runs along the centre of the island.

If you plan to use the buses you are well advised to check the daily paper for bus times and do check the time of the last bus. Also you should be aware that there is often a break in the service during the afternoon. You do not want to be stuck in Mao when all the shops are closed!Click here

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