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Menorcan Beaches

Beaches in Menorca

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  • Beaches in Menorca are one of its great attractions. Nature lovers will appreciate the more inaccessible beaches, where the scenery is awe inspiring, and there are often no tourist facilities to spoilt the view. These beaches contrast starkly with the busier resorts where your will find boat trips, windsurfing, water ski-ing and sailing as well as seafront bars and restaurants. Best of all, you can find amazing deals.

    Beaches in Menorca are one of its great attractions. Nature lovers will appreciate the more inaccessible beaches, where the scenery is awe inspiring, and there are often no tourist facilities to spoilt the view. These beaches contrast starkly with the busier resorts where your will find boat trips, windsurfing, water ski-ing and sailing as well as seafront bars and restaurants.

    With over 200 Beaches in Menorca it is a virtually impossible task to keep these web pages up to date and relevant. We would like to enlist your help and would ask that you take a few moments to use our Form to help us make this the best beach information for new visitors and to help regular visitors explore new areas and develop new horizons on the Menorcan Beaches.

    One of the main advantages of the diverse choice offered by its Playas or rather Platja, as it is in the local dialect, is the ability to choose a location according to the wind direction and your personal preferences. However before you head to the southern beaches you must be aware that the popular beaches, concentrated on the south coast, do get crowded especially at weekends when the locals naturally flock to the coast.

    With 200 playas and calas on the Island of Menorca from the sandy beaches in Menorca's south to the rocky coves of the north visitors are literally spoilt for choice.

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    The sea is a vivid blue and sometimes turquoise and Menorcan Playas and Calas cater for all people.

    You can find information about a few of our favourite beaches on this page. Alternatively you can use the links above to visit particular areas or specific beaches.

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    Some of Our Favourite Beaches in Menorca

    Punta Prima
    Punta Prima Beach Menorca

    A reasonably good sized beach in Punta Prima. The beach of fine white sand is backed by residential buildings and hotels. Close by are bars and restaurants. Depite its full compliment of facilities nudists are seen on the left hand side of the beach as you stand looking out to sea. It reminded us of a UK seaside resort rather than Beaches in Menorca. However with parking directly by the beach access is very easy.

    Es Grau
    Es Grau,beach

    Es Grau is one of the best Beaches in Menorca. A stunning horseshoe bay with fine golden sands backed by sand dunes that lead into the shady pine forests. This beach is situated close to the natural wetland reserve of Albufera with it's wild birds. If possible take a boat trip to the tiny island called Colom where you will find more fine sandy beaches. Situated in the east of the island only a short drive from the capital at Mahon Es Grau has got to be near the top of your list.

    Cala Santa Galdana
    santa galdana,watersports,queen of beaches

    Cala Santa Galdana is the queen of Menorcan Platjas.

    A wonderfully sheltered keyhole bay with white sands, pine trees and high cliffs guarding its entrance. This Beach in Menorca has excellent conditions for swimming and morning shade at the eastern side. Cala Santa Galdana also boasts a fun water park and a children’s playground and is situated at the mouth of Menorca’s only river and the "The Algendar" ravine which stretches inland for 10kms. Cala Santa Galdana is located in the centre of Menorca’s southern coast.

    Cala en Turqueta
    Cala en Tuqueta

    Head towards the church at Sant Joan about 6kms from Ciutadella. Follow the signs to Cala en Turqueta. Along the route you can also access the more secluded Beaches in Menorca at Cala des Talajer and the Cova des Moro.

    Cala en Turqueta is a lovely sandy cove. It is fairly secluded with few amenities such as the car park 5 minute walk from the beach. On route you should stop at the Talaia d'Artruxt for breathtaking views out towards the neighbouring island of Majorca.

    Cala en Porter
    Cala en Porter

    Another of my favourite beaches in Menorca but for a completely different reasons. The beach is down a steep road or a series of steps which is fine when going to the beach but rather daunting when the time arrives to leave the beach to return to your accommodation.

    However the geography of the beach makes the area extremely sheltered from northerly winds. There is ample free parking so acces is very easy if you have a car and in season the beach is well served by public transport including the road train muched loved by children of all ages! more.....

    Son Bou
    Son Bou, sand,toilets,showers,cafe,nudist area,free car park

    My first holiday in Menorca was at Son Bou, perhaps that is why this beach is one of my favourite of the Menorcan beaches. However I like to think that my feelings are more analytical. The beach at Son Bou is golden sand which goes on for over a mile. All the way to San Thomas in fact.

    The beach is well served with good facilities at the eastern end although the further west you go the less developed it becomes. In this area nudists congregate on this unofficial beach.

    In the east the beach is backed by Son Bou itself and a vast car park. This combination makes the eastern end of the beach very crowded especially at the weekend when tourists are joined by locals all seeking a place to settle on the foreshore.


    This playa is 14 kilometres from Ciutadella between es Castellet de Macarella and Punta de na Xulla. The beach is part of the Àrea Natural d'Especial Interès on the south coast of and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Menorca.

    This cove is sandy but not very large and the high cliffs surrounding it are covered by thick pine trees. There is a wetland inhabited by eels and sea turtles and a stretch of the Camí de Cavalls located behind the beach gives this beach a wild aspect The crystal clear water slopes gently and the swell is moderate.

    Access by car is easy, follow the signs to the free private car park on the left, one kilometre from the beach. On foot the beach is reached by a footpath from Cala Galdana.

    Cala Mitjana
    Cala Mitjana,free car park

    On the road south from Ferreries take a left just before you reach Cala Galdana. Follow the rough road down to a free car park. A 5 minute walk brings you to this little known cove with pine clad low white cliffs. Snorkeling and swimming conditions are excellent and Cala Mitjana is close by. These beautiful Menorcan beaches are undeveloped so come prepared.

    Cala d'Algaiarens
    No Image Available

    Cala d' Algaiarens is located on private land west of Cala Pregonda on Menorca's nothern coast. It is in the valley of Algaiarens and is an area of natural interest with dense pine trees. The two beaches of es Bots and de’s Tancats are divided by a large rock and are at the mouth of an inlet where shallow crystal clear waters meet golden sands. There is a 4 Euro charge to access them but the trip is well worth the effort if you wish to escape the crowds on the south coast and explore this pretty spot. Take the Ronda Norte from Ciutadella and head for Cala Morell. At Torre d’En Quart look for the sgns to Algaiarens until you see signs for La Vall.

    Cala Pregonda
    No Image Available

    Cala Pregonda is situated west of Fornells on the North coast of Menorca in a protected area of natural beauty. The beach is accessible on foot and is about 20 minutes walk from Binimella. Cala Pregonda is a stunningly beautiful one of the Menorcan Beaches with a sandy beach with rock formations and hills coated in Pine and Tamarisk. No facilities are available here at this one of the Menorcan Beaches but your efforts will be well rewarded with an outstanding beach with excellent conditions for swimming.

    Cales Coves
    No Image Available

    This not so much a Menorcan Beach it is more of a tourist attraction with a facinating collection of caves, some of which are inhabited. Access to the small sand and pebbled beach area is down an unmade road. On our visit we left the car at the end of the blacktop road and walked to the coves. We were passed by a number of vehicles, not all suited to the rough track and indeed their was room to park virtually at the water edge. The reason this is more of a tourist attraction is that the caves were burial caves. There are about 100 caves around Cales Coves many of which have been carved into the cliffs. Some you can reach some are inaccessible. If you have the time and energy check out Cales Coves smaller second bay by clambering over the rock head, then go for a dip in the bay's other fork. Nudist use the rocky shelves and cave entrances and swim in the waters of the coves.

    There are no facilities at all at the Cove so come prepared if you plan to stay very long.

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