Algendar Gorge

Algendar Gorge

(Barranc d'Algendar)

The southern limestone plateau has many gorgesbut this is one of the most spectacular. Running some 6 kilometers or 4 miles from Ferries to the south coast near toCala Galdana.

This gorge is is a wild and difficult place with conditions underfoot very variable. The northern end is virtually impassable but avisit to the gorge will show you the diversity of wildlife. Ornithologists willbe intrigued by the Herons, Booted eagles and Buzzards. Kestels and Kites thrive here alongside a diversity of butterflies.

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Despite the rather arduous nature of your walk it will be a most rewarding experience to have visited this woner of nature.

The gorges of the southern limestone plateau have developed overtens of thousands of years of gradual erosion by water and the elements.

In the marshes turtles wade about and the lizards bask in the sunshine. The damp and warm condition and the shelter provided by the deep gorge has led to a diversity of of vegetation not normally seen elsewhere.

The easiest access is from Cala Galdana. The gorges stream runs into the wide river by the beach. Keeping to the western side of the gorge follow the stream inland. The route is often overgrown and it is not far before your route will be blocked.

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