Accommodation in Menorca

Accommodation in Menorca can be found in Hotels and in Villas across the island although the most popular resorts are those along the islands south coast. Most hotels in this region are purpose built and relatively modern.The north coast contrasts markedly with the southern sandy beaches and is very rugged with numerous interesting coves and secluded bays. If you want to Find top rated hotels in Menorca click this link.

As well as some excellent hotels Menorca also boasts a good selection of attractive villas for holiday lets.

I used to stay primarily in hotels but over the years I have gravitated first to apartments and latterly to Villas.

Many years ago a friend of mine used to say when we went away on business that all he wanted whilst abroad was the same facilities and conveniences he had at home.

This is, on reflection, the essence of a successful holiday as well as a successful business trip. Why do we as holiday makers accept cramped rooms, minute bathrooms and cramped living conditions. Why do we accept crowded hotel restaurants and bars?

Maybe it is a sign of maturity or maybe of getting old! Hotel accommodation is less attractive to my wife and I especially when the family also comes along.

We now look for Villa holidays and it is this type of accommodation which I find particularly interesting and attractiveespecially for family groups. The Villas I have rented have all been in residential areasand provide a home from home feel with nearby supermarkets and services which support the permanent residents of these areas. Travelling as a couple Villas may at first appear an expensive alternative but I believe the price differenctial need not be prohibitive if one plans carefully. Just imagine a swimming pool all to yourselves and the ability to choose you own schedule. This is why I regard Villa holidays as home from home!

Hotel Accommodation in Menorca

Villa Accommodation in Menorca