What are Abarcas?

The picture above may give you a clue!

Abarcas are a unique feature of a holiday in Menorca. Once you see the vast array of shoe shops, all apparently selling them by their more popularly name of Menorcan Sandals.

In Menorca they are worn by young children, teenagers, Mums and Dads and Grandparents. This universal acceptance of a fashion accessory such as shoe by all generations is, I believe, unique. The only other footware which crosses the gender and age barriers is the humble flip flops.

These shoes as they are referred to, are produced by several different shoe companies across Spain but I have a special affinity with Nagore Footwear. They are small shoe design company based in Menorca who have been producing this footware in Menorca for the last twenty years. They have developed the use of recycled and eco-materials in their designs. These shoes use recycled car tyres for the soles and eco-leather from Valencia as their basic materials.

If like me find this local business facinating visit their website at where you can also brouse their extensive catalogue at your leisure. When next in Menorca you can always visit their shops in Mahon and Ciutadella.

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