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With Christmas just around the corner I expected interest in MenorcaMinorca to wain but the opposite has been the case. Interest in our Calendar has been phenominal and for new subscribers here is the download link for the complete PDF ready to print out at home.

We have also diversfied into Twitter at www.twitter.com/menorcaminorca and into Squidoo at www.squidoo.com/menorcaminorca

The most exciting development has however been our new FREE toolbar which can be viewed at http://menorcaminorca.ourtoolbar.com/

Our real move forward is our association with Bonni property specialist and here is our first piece of collaboration.


It appears that inside all of us is the desire to find a building plot in an idyllic location and to create your dream property on the plot.

People live in caravans and mobile homes, for months on end, in order to achieve their dream!

Is it possible in Menorca to build your dream home from scratch? It is but you will need the help of local experts such as Estate Agents BONNIN SANSO, together with a local Lawyer of your choice.

Firstly it is important to establish that the plot you wish to buy is completely free of charges and that the vendor has clear title.

Once these legalities are complete your Lawyer will draw up a contract. At this stage you need to have available 10% of the agreed purchase price in order for the contract to be signed.

Three to six weeks later the process will be ready to complete and at this stage the remaining 90% of the purchase price has to be available.

In addition to the purchase price the buyer will have to meet the fees involved.

  • Purchase Tax on the value of the plot, currently 7% .
  • VAT at 16% if the owner is a Spanish Company .
  • Notary and Land Registry fees at approximately 1½%- 2½% of the purchase price.
  • Lawyer’s fees, on the scale of approximately 900 euros to 1500 euros, depending on the amount of work involved.

When complete you will become the proud owner of a Building Plot

Next month we will go on to look at Designing and Planning your Dream Property.

Our thanks to Bonnin Sanso for the background information

Pay Nothing For Your Next Vacation!

The late summer saw a spait of press coverage about Home Exchange from "Time Magazine" to the "News of the World.

As the economy flounders many families are having to consider forgoing their annual holidays in favour of holidaying at home.

Home Exchange offers an interesting alternative, vacationing in someone else's home. The saving on traditional holiday costs are very significant. Firstly you save on hotel or villa costs and often also on car hire costs.

Home Exchange is not a new concept. The origins of this industry can be traced back to 1953 and many of todays' big names in the industry have been around for 20 years.

However everyone you speak to reports membership up by 30% or more in the last year.

You could consider arranging a Home Exchange with people you know. This may not be particularly appealing unless, of course, you have worldwide circle of friends and acquaintances.

Most people choose to register with a reputable Home Exchange company. These organisations are able to offer you exchanges on a worldwide basis and to offer you support should you encounter any problems.

One frequent misconception is that you need a lavish home in order to take part in such a programme. Obviously your home needs to be well maintained and well equipped in order to attract others but home exchanges do involve all types of properties.

If you want to look at actual examples of Home Exchange properties in Menorca click here.

If you are attracted to these types of holiday it pays to become well informed and well prepared! Athena Rickby's ebook "Home Exchange Academy" is a blueprint for your next holiday.

Written by a veteran of 40+ home exchanges over a 25 year period she makes a point of not promoting one club over another.

Instead she takes people by the hand and walks them through the entire process from selecting a club, setting up their listing, corresponding with other members, to writing a final agreement and preparing for the exchange. Take a look by clicking here.

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All good wishes for the festive season and enjoy your calendar. See you again next year


Philip Bromley