FREE Calendar for 2010

I do not know why November is such a reflective month for me but it has always been so.

I tend to look back to my summer and autumn visits to Menorca and forward to next years plans. I decided to look at the Menorcan weather forecast today (10 Nov) and saw a cloudy and cool forecast. The 10 day forecast cheered me with long sunny days and upto 17ÂșC at times.

I suddenly realised what it is that makes Menorca such as special place, it is a real place. It is not some artificial resort created out of an arid coastal plain. Yes it rains, certainly the winters are cool but still mediterranean and this climate allows agriculture to thrive and the island to have its own economy and character away from the unreal worls of tourism.

The other day I started to read about the great strided being made in wine production in the last few years. Most of us regard Menorca as synonymous with Gin but wine was being produced long before the British brought a Gin Distillery to the island.

I am allowing myself to become distracted, wine will have to wait for another day.

I think that all of us who love Menorca have at least dreamed of living on the island one day. Menorca Minorca has teamed up with BONNIN SANSO, the estate agents and from next month Colin Guanaria will be contrubuting to our newsletter. If you have ever dreamed of a place in the sun next month's newsletter is a 'must read'.

Whilst in my reflective mood I decided to celebrate our first birthday with a present from us to you. As a subscriber to our newsletter you can download the first part of our calendar for 2010 in PDF form and print it off using 120g paper, effectively thin cardboard, to provide beautiful photos of the island to help you through the first few months of the new year. The rest of the calendar will be supplied with next months newsletter giving you time to assemble it for 01 January 2010.

As you swing into Christmas mode I relise there will be little time for holiday planning but remember you can always share your experiences and thoughts, together with your photos by clicking here

The following links will bring you the pages of your free calendar. Any problems contact us using the contact form on the About Us page on the wed site.

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Enjoy your calendar and see you again next month


Philip Bromley