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As the season comes to an end in Menorca for the mass tourist side of the equation there are still flights available and accommodation which can be booked

However most people's attention is about to turn to next season. We decided to break with our usual format and give you something very special.

It is hard to think about 2010 when our thoughts are focused on Christmas 2009.However forward planning of next years holiday in the long term will save you money!

  • Early booking allows you to choose the holiday of your dreams where you ideally want to go at that the time that suites you best.
  • To encourage you to book early tour operators and airlines offer some outstanding discounts. Early booking benefits the tour operators and their customers.
  • To further encourage early booking operators offer very low deposits so you don't need to tie up large amounts when you book early.

    Another way to save money when booking holidays and travel is to use a "cashback" site. Cashback is a concept which may be new to many of us and even though they have now been around several years, many people still think that they are a scam.

    To totally ignore this avenue could cost you dearly!

    You may already be aware that advertisements which appear on web sites such as comparison sites, news sites and review sites are not placed there free of charge. The advertiser actually pays these sites to advertise their products. A common advertising model is where advertisers pay a percentage of sales generated or a fee for each sale that was referred by the advertiser. This type of advertising is called "commission on sale". If a sale doesn't occur then the referring website earns nothing at all. This is how many websites make their money and this is what makes cashback sites possible.

    Cashback websites have many advertisers on their websites for which they are paid commission when a sale is made. Instead of keeping all the money they pass a percentage, and in some cases all of the money to the member who made the purchase.

    If you’re still reading this article, you probably take the time and the trouble to hunt out a bargain and you don’t just go into the local travel agent to make your booking. Ater all it is becoming apparent that booking holidays and travel on line saves money.

    Bruce Fair, managing director of Kelkoo UK is quoted as saying:

    “It’s remarkable that these untapped millions go unclaimed because online shoppers don’t take advantage of cashback services. In many households, money is tight at the moment, so shoppers could really be benefiting from the additional money by ensuring that they are making the right decisions in order to get the best deals on their purchases.”

    To get the most from using "cashback" you will need to do some research. Firstly not all "cashback" sites have arrangements with all airlines and holiday companies and secondly the discounts offered vary from site to site.

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