A Special Fiesta this weekend and Much More

As regular readers will know Menorca Minorca was born at the start of 2009. As with any new arrival there are going to be problems and hick-ups. If you find any problems or hick-ups please tell using the feedback form on the About Us page or just click here.

I am sure you will have seen that we have added a number of pages since the July issue of MenorcaMinorcaPlus. One of our latest additions is our Postcard page which we are planning to expand in the next few weeks.

I am starting to get excited about my next visit to the Island in early September. On every visit we discover something new and exciting and get a chance to keep the site up to date and alive.

This month we are featuring

  • The Fiesta of Sant Llorenç
  • A Northern Beach
  • A Restaurant in Son Bou
  • A Walk to an Unusual Location

  • The Fiesta of Sant Llorenç

    This coming weekend Alaior is celebrating the Fiesta of Sant Llorenç. This is a very important date in the festive calendar of this Menorcan town.

    On Friday 14 August the actress Àngels Gonyalons will read the proclamation. The Mayor will then give the flag of Sant Llorenç to the "Caixers" and, with the sound of the drum and the flute the flag will be carried to the Town Hall. The evening comes to a close with a cavalcade of music and dance.

    The highlight for visitors on Saturday 15 August are the giants who will visit the village in the late afternoon and join the street parade.

    About 6 pm The Band from Es Migjorn Gran will parade towards the church of Sant Pere Nou. After this traditional service the "Jaleo" will start in Sa Plaça.

    With the music of the band from Petra and the horse displays by the "Caixers and Cavallers" the party will begin.

    There will be an official reception at the Town Hall and from midnight there will be music and dancing in the streets.

    On Sunday, 16 August the street parade will start again at 9.30am and at 11 a.m. there will be the traditional Mass "Missa des Caixers", followed again by the "Jaleo" at Sa Plaça.

    In the evening "cavallers" and horses will perform the visit of the "aigua-ros". The programme for Sunday will end with street parades and dancing.

    Monday, August 17 is the last day of the fiestas. The highlights of the day are horse races from 6 p.m., followed by performances from Group Huracan and "Nit de Rock".

    For a full timetable of events visit Alaior.org


    A Walk to an Unusual Location

    "Es Barranc de Binigaus"

    Just to the south of the road from es Mercadal to Ferriers lies Es Barranc de Binigaus. Barranca means a gorge, ravine or gully and this Barranca leads from Es Migjorn Gran to the beach at Binigaus, near to Santo Tomas.

    The unusual feature of this gorge is Cova Des Coloms (Cave of Pigeons). Cova des Coloms is an enormous natural cavern in the eastern cliff of "Es Barranc de Binigaus". The Cavern is 24 metres in height, 110 metres in length and 15 metres in width, ike an enormous natural Cathedral hence its nickname of The Cathedral. It is the most spectacular cavern in Menorca.

    The caverns name comes from a special species of pigeon called "palomas torcaces" which live in the cavern together with a number important bat species. The cavern is festooned with special moss and lichen creating an almost mysterious screen effect as one enters the cavern.

    How to get there!

    By Car

    Take the road to Es Migjorn Gran from the Me-1 either using the Me-20 from the west or the Me-18 from the east. Follow the signs for Binigaus Nou, past the school and contiue for approximately 3 kms (2 miles) towards Binigaus Nou. Park at the car park and take the pathway over the stile.

    Take the pathway along the right hand side of the barranca toward the sea. When you arrive at a well troden pathway bear down to the bottom of the barranca and up the other side. The entrance to the cave is around a sharp bend, partially hidden by a tree. It is advisable to take a torch with you for exploring the cavern.

    By Public Transport

    For those without a car the best approach to the Cavern is from Santo Tomas. Set off westwards along the beach or following the Cami de Cavalls. At Binigaus Beach look out for a rather shabby looking beach hut just behind the beach. Wed understand that it is still used at weekend!

    Follow the wide pathway to a Menorcan Gate and along the pathway heading north. The pathway is now on what is now a very clear and well used pathway as a result of the authorities decision to signpost the route. After about 45 minutes of walking you will arrive at a gap in the Dry Stone Wall. Through this gap a further 5 minutes walking will bring you to the cavern.

    These two walks can be combined as a walk from Es Migjorn Gran to Santo Tomas or the reverse and the total walk will be about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Obviously longer if you cannot tear yourself away from exploring the cavern. Do remember to take plenty of drinks as there are no refreshment areas on your walk and at this time of year the weather can be very hot.


    A Northern Beach

    "Platja de Cavalleria"

    About 9 Kms north of es Mercadal, between Punta des Vernís and Punta de Ferragut, there is a sheltered coastal stretch close to Cap de Cavalleria, the most northerly cape in Menorca.

    The beach is in the Àrea Natural d'Especial Interès de Cavalleria and is also called Platja de Ferragut.

    The bay was originally two coves and it has the shape of a shell. The beach is quite extensive with a system of dunes covered in vegetation at the rear. The beach slope is gentle and the swell is moderate.

    Facing north but protected from strong winds by Cap de Cavalleria there is normally a gentle breeze blowing along the beach. On the right side there is an area used as mud baths.

    Platja de Cavalleria is surrounded by medium high cliffs and is a popular spot for small boats to visit. Northeast from the beach the views from the highest cliffs on the island which are nearly 90 metres high are breath taking and even more so if the sea is under the effects of the strong Tramuntana wind. Nudism is common on the beach.

    . Access by car is easy but be aware that The last stretch of road is in bad conditions and the final stretch is not much more than a dirt road. The landscape on the road is very attractive and stunning.

    There is a free parking area in the car park 2 km from the lighthouse.

    The beach is reached by wooden steps from the ciff top. However the poor road conditions explains why the beach is generally not very crowded.


    • Kiosk
    • Sunshades
    • Deckchairs
    • Diving center.


    A Restaurant in Son Bou


    Although this is not a traditional Menorcan Restaurant it does have traditional Menorcan hospitality and every visitor is made to feel special.

    The menu is a pleasing mix of local dishes and more conventional tourist offerings. Our family, including the Granchildren, are always delighted to go here and the prices are very reasonable for a restaurant style rather than a snack bar approach. At an average cost for adults, including drinks, of €20 and half that for children it is excellent value.

    The view from the terrace used to be unbelievably spectacular but the Bowling Alley built about 3 years ago has limited the view but not completely obliterated the magic.


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