Menorca Looking to 2011

I trust you all had an enjoyable Christmas and I wish you all every best wish for 2011.

If you love Menorca as much as I do I am sure you will be starting to plan your next holiday. I am regularly contacted about accommodation problems and receive requests for help. I have decided to start a separate website with holiday booking information. I have chosen to partner with Sunshine Holidays and my new site is nearly ready. As you would imagine the first pages are about Menorca. It is not yet live to the general public but you can visit but please remember that only the Menorca pages are fully functioning.

I have also added some additional information to the members' page for your information. The password remains "romance" without the ""s.

Please remember that you can share your photos and your tips with us using the Photo and Feedback forms or by email to

See you again in 2011


Philip Bromley