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If you are lucky enough to spend late December or early January in Menorca read on!

The winter months in Menorca are mild by Northern European standards and visitors will find many festivals and celebrations to mark the festive season.

Throughout Menorca Christmas starts with Noche Buena on 24 December, Christmas Eve with celebrations including nativity plays and midnight mass.

Santos Inocentes, the Spanish equivalent of April Fool's day is held on 28 December.

On 6 January, an event close to the hearts of Menorcan families is The Three Kings Festival. In Mao the three kings land at the harbour and visit all the children in their homes with presents.

They are usually followed along the streets and hand out sweets as they go.

This Festival occurs throughout the island. The kings giving out present which have been delivered to the town hall beforehand by parents and family members.

In January there is the Festes d’es Tres Trocs (the festival of the three Blows, which is held in Ciutadella to commemorate the reconquest of Menorca in 1287.

February is the month for Carnivals. These celebrations are held in many towns with fancy dress parades and revelry to mark the end of Lent. From the Thursday following Ash Wednesday celebrations continue until the following Tuesday.

In late March or April there is Semana Santa, Holy Week. It is celebrated throughout the island with solemn processesions with the most impressive usually held in Mahon and Citadella.

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