Menorca Beaches

My sincere apologies for the lateness of this issue.

This month life has been somewhat difficult.

All started well with us on holiday in Menorca, on the second week of our annual break. Sudenly I developed a cold which just got worse and worse.

Despite the beautiful weather during our second week I was not able to function as I had planned.

Worse still it did not go away on my return from holiday and in fact three weeks later I am only just feeling half human again.

I had planned to give you a video of Menorca this month but although I have some footage this will have to wait until later!

I had started this months Pocket Beach Guide before I went on holiday in September and you can today download Part 1. Please feel free to print it off in order to plan next years holiday and also please pass it to your friends.

I am always pleased to receive feedback from my regular readers and it has been gratifying to hear from readers who have saved significant sums from our website especially on trips but also on accommodation especially from James Villa offers.

I have also produced a new interactive beach map and as a subscriber you can have a preview before it goes live on MenorcaMinorca.

View Menorca Beaches & Resorts in a larger map

See you again next month


Philip Bromley