Doing your Own Thing!

The last true package holiday I and my wife booked was in 2001 and that was to Menorca. We stayed in a hotel which was not our idea of perfection and finished up eating out virtually every evening to avoid the ubiquitous Spanish Buffet.

Since then we have done our own thing and grown to love the freedom of pleasing ourselves. We eat when we are hungry and visit the places we wish to visit.

We are now firm believers in the unpackaged holiday and find that doing our own thing does not work out any more expensive. Going it alone requires a little bit of courage and a helping of independant thinging but believe me you should try it!

Armed with the information from MenorcaMinorca you can and I bet you will not regret the experience. If you give us feedback on your experience we can all gain a degree of independance and an incredible amount of joy from this new experience.

Do you need a Package Holiday?

It is so easy to your local travel agent to book or to go to a known and respected travel company and just book you week or fortnight away.

The flights will be booked, the transfer to your accommodation will be fixed and you arrive at your hotel or apartment without hassle fully informed by the rep on the coach. You have not had to think for yourself.

The next day the friendly rep will tell you about the area and the trips you can take to the local attractions!

Make no mistake all this packaging comes at a price as the company charges you for the rep and profits from your trips and excursions.

We have added a video about cheap air travel in the members pages, just take a look to see what is on offer. Try going to the Official website of the Menorca Hotel Association to find a really good accommodation deal

Then go to our trips page to plan a few visits.

You may well find that you have saved enough to treat yourselves to a private transfer to your accommodation getting your holiday off to the perfect start.

Follow this link and use the PASSWORD Romance.

See you again next month


Philip Bromley