The Natural Environment

Firstly an apology for last months errors. The last couple of months have been chaotic and although I tried to keep the production of the Newsletter on schedule I finished up rushing around and getting it all wrong. Sorry but I will try harder in future, PROMISE!

Despite everything our sudscribers continue to grow and in an attempt to make life easier I have started a members page with the PASSWORD - ROMANCE.

As regular readers will know Romance is an anogram of Menorca.

Many of our subscribers are already environmentally aware but we must all strive to foster Sustainable Tourism. The following is a thought provoking article which we should all take to heart and incorporate in our holiday planning!

Menorca is a Green Tourist Destination

Green tourism is no longer enough we also need to foster sustainable tourism. We need to seek to protect the cultural environment as well as the natural environment. In brief this means we must respect local cultures and their ways of life by contributing positively to local communities.

The potential negative effects of tourism are both local and global, however if we practice sustainable tourism, we can keep the negative effects to a minimum.

If we do not understand this point we ,the tourists, can lead to the degrading of the environment and the cultures we travel to see.

Where ever we travel, we need to keep in mind that the local people have to profit from our visit. If you go someplace because there are wonderful native handicrafts, you need to buy some of those handicrafts from locals, so they get the money.

If you're visiting a national park, you need to employ locals as guides so they will continue to value and protect the park. Those are the kinds of things that make for sustainable tourism.

Ask yourself the following questions next time you are booking your holiday!

  • Is the hotel locally owned and operated so that the profits stay in the community? If not, is it at least staffed by local employees?

  • How does the hotel contribute to the local community? Do they buy local produce for their restaurant? Do they sell local handicrafts in their gift shop?

  • If you're taking a tour, travel with a tour operator who is environmentally responsible. Smaller group sizes make less of an impact... and make for a more enjoyable tour for you!

  • Is the group lead by a local guide? Does the tour company contribute to the local community in some way? To have sustainable tourism, the local community needs to benefit; not just some global tour company.

  • Do you think about these points When hiking? Do you stay on marked trails. Maintain safe distances from any wildlife you encounter... for your safety AND for theirs. "Leave only footprints"... carry your rubbish home or to the next litter bin?

  • If you're snorkeling or diving, do you avoid touching the coral. Be careful with your fins, it's easy to kick the coral if you're not paying attention or to stir up sediment. Either way you can damage the reef's fragile ecosystem... and most reefs are in trouble now, so they need all of our help.

  • Try to buy local products... You'll support the local economy... and we all need that now no matter what country you're visiting. Foods will be fresher, give you a taste of local cuisine and save fuel because they haven't traveled half way around the world... only YOU have! Fewer imported products will be needed.

  • Don't buy souvenirs or other products made from endangered animals or plants. You probably can't get it through customs, and if you believe in sustainable tourism, you don't want to contribute to the extinction of another species!

  • Treat locals with respect. You went there to learn about their culture! Learn a few words... at least hello, good-bye and thank you. Be open to our cultural differences. Read up on the area you'll be visiting so you'll know how to dress so you don't offend anyone. Check to see if there are any behaviors or gestures that will offend your hosts.

    Rejoice in our positive differences. Support them, and you'll be contributing to sustainable tourism.

    One of natures greatest assets are the oceans and this months free gift is a video about the oceans. Whether as a sailor, tourist or environmentalist it provides thought provoking ideas about this natual resource we all take so much for granted!

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