Please Can You Help a Friend!

Helping Others

I have been having problems with my broadband connection in the last week and also a problem with my main computer.

I have been very lucky to have a load of help from some very good friends who have rallied to my cause. This started me thinking, as I have been unable to bring you the planned edition of MenorcaMinorca Plus I thought about my friends who subscribe to my site, both old and new.

We have helped each other from questions about Hospital Island to difficulties finding good spermarkets near to the main resorts.

In this edition I have a very special plea for help from a new friend

====== Hi Philip..I hate to admit it but I've never been to Menorca - the

other Spanish Islands etc I've done over and over again, so I'm

so much looking forward to staying at the Barcelo Hamilton

Hotel. Es Castell between Tuesday, 28th June and Friday, 9th July.

I've been a Theatrical Agent for over fifty years and have a new

new book out "The Gresh-A Lifetime In Show-Biz!" and worked

wit the biggest TV and Film stars of an era when "Personal

Appearances" were the main and stores like Woolworth's

used our services to supply the Stars for their store refurbishment

openings. Can you suggest any way I might be able to promote

my book whilst in Menorca? is there an english speaking radio

station that might care for an interview? I'm still working as a

broadcaster on BCB (Bradford Community Broadcasting) and

do After Dinners and my own one man Stand-Up based on the

storiues in my book. Hope you may be able to help and I look

forward to having your publication in good time so i can see

where the best places are to visit whilst I'm on your Island.

All Kindest regards.Carl "The Gresh" Gresham ====

It would be great for all of us if one of our readers can help!

Next month there will be an exciting new development by way of a very special video from me.

Apologies again for my computer problems and thanks for bearing with me.

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See you again next month


Philip Bromley