Information all Taped!

A Belated Welcome to Our June Newsletter.

Belated it might be but I think the enclosed resource is very exciting.

Firstly an explanation for the delay in this months issue. The reason, or rather reasons are my wife's Aunt died and we had to travel to the Lake District for the Funeral, we also had to have our cat of 15 years put down as he was suffering kidney failure.

To round off this sad period I developed the flu and was unable to work for four days.

I did think about blaming the pressure of work or some other glib excuse but I like honesty and thus felt I must be honest with you as you are kind enough to place your trust in me and my website.

I mentioned last month being distracted by my latest project which will bring more video to Menorca Minorca, which I believe will make a tremendous improvement in the long term.

Thank you to all of you who sent me video footage and am still ploughing through the snippets and photos

The following links will bring you to two interesting videos about a villa in Binibeca and a tour of Son Bou.

Binibeca Villa

Son Bou

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Now for the link to your free resources, but wait you will need a password, but please do not pass this around otherwise I might have to close down the link. The password is menminplus and clicking the password will take you to the link so make a note of the password before you click.

Any problems let me know via the feedback form.

See you again next month


Philip Bromley