Lets Go Video

Welcome to our April Newsletter.

I mentioned last month being distracted by my latest project which will bring more video to Menorca Minorca, which I believe will make a tremendous improvement in the long term.

I am still in production with the new video and I would welcome any snipits of video footage which show the activities of its visitors and its residents'

There will be a cash price for the best contribution and I am negotiating for other prizes from our commercial readers.

If you only have photos do not depair I can use them in a video if they are suitable.

I promised last month to bring you videos and this month there are four videos which you can use in any way you wish with the proviso that you do provide a link to our site.

The following links will bring you the pages of your free calendar. Any problems contact us using the contact form on the About Us page on the web site.


For other FREE ebooks and information go to our back issues page.

Now for the link to you free videos, but wait you will need a password, but please do not pass this around otherwise I might have to close down the link. The password is menminplus and clicking the password will take you to the link somake a note of thee password before you click.

Any problems let me know via the feedback form.

See you again next month


Philip Bromley